Lifestyle with a push of a button!
Remove make-up after a long day anywhere with mytowel.

mytowel offers its own products for even the most sensitive body parts. For a feeling of comfort.

Tired and exhausted from a long trip? mytowel provides refreshment for both hand and face-at the push of a button!
mytowel allows you to quickly disinfect your hands or surfaces while on-the-go.

How it works

mytowel is the new standard for freshness, cleanliness and care.

Circular. Handy. Surprising. mytowel is lifestyle.
Whether in your handbag or suitcase, for on-the-go or at home, mytowel is always there where you need it.

A firm press. Then a soft click. The unfolding of something small to something big.

mytowel, your reliable companion for personal hygiene, care, purification and refreshment.

How we do it

How we do it Container Towel Fluid/ Liquid

Your Label

mytowel “Your Label” as part of your overall marketing communication.

Make a strong statement, send a distinctive message about your product, service or business.

mytowel with “your label”, be different and leave a strong footprint.

Make mytowel “your towel” either with your own label on the container or with a complementary packaging.



Would you like to know more about the various individual possibilities? We are here to listen. 

About Us

Our goal is to provide a product that reflects the needs of today’s mobile society and brings innovative lifestyle-products.

Our products reflect the highest quality and implement environmentally friendly standards.

After more than 3 years of development and testing, we are proud to present an innovative and patented novelty:

mytowel- the new standard.

And that is only the beginning...


mytowel AG

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8852 Altendorf


Tel. +41 44 206 11 53

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Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2015
mytowel refreshed the guests and players at the Beach Polo Cup Dubai from the 10.-11. of April 2015. With 800 VIPs and 2'500 guests’ daily it is one of the biggest Polo tournaments in the region.

BMW Polo Cup Gut Basthorst 2015
mytowel sponsored the BMW Polo Cup, which took place on from the 1st of May to the 10th. 8 international teams from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Argentina, India and Uruguay participated.

Polo Cup Ascona 2016
mytowel is the team sponsor at the Hublot Polo Cup Ascona 2016 taking place from the 15th to the 17th of July 2016. With players from Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Dubai and the USA, the Hublot Polo Cup is not only one of the most beautiful polo tournaments but also one of the most international ones.

Facts & Figures

The container (diameter 40mm, height 14mm) is a two-chamber system. In the outer chamber the fluid is held (max 5ml).

The inner chamber holds a pressed cellulose towel (23X22 cm).

With a firm press to the middle of the container, a valve opens at the bottom, activating the two-chamber system.

The fluid from the outer chamber is released into the inner chamber and absorbed by the towel.

After the activation of the towel with the fluid, it can be easily unfolded and put to use.
Facts & Figures

Why mytowel?

Wasser sparen
Umwelt schonenGewicht sparen.
Kosten sparen

Save water.

One mytowel uses about 5 mL of cleansing fluid. Washing your hands requires on average 1.5 L of water.

Environmentally friendly.

mytowel is recyclable and does not use preservatives. The cellulose towel is biodegradable. The container is made from PP5 plastic and can be recycled.

Economizing weight.

mytowel, your reliable companion on-the-go, weighs 10g.

Reduce spending.

The fluid and the towel are separated until its activation. While other wipes dry out after several months, mytowel’s shelf life is at least two years.